Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Today, I walked into the backyard to find Christian hitting the slide with a big rock. Upon closer examination I noticed that there was a tiny spider running in circles trying to escape the blows. The poor spider lost his battle with the giant and the rock before I could say anything to generate guilt from my three year old. Christian finally hit the spider and asked, “Where did the spider go?” He didn’t realize that he was the reason the spider had taken on a different form.

Before I could mourn, Christian was already showing me how his big rock was faster at going down the slide than his little rock. He had been up to some experiments with gravity all alone in his backyard.

Later, Kelsey proudly presented me with a bouquet of hand picked wildflowers. Christian patiently awaited his turn and stuck out his hand. In his hand were tiny pieces of leaves and grass. He had a very big grin on his face as he emptied the fragments into my hand. I love the three-year-old stage!

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