Wednesday, September 21, 2005

FW: Mandatory Vacation (evacuation)

We are getting ready for a mandatory road trip!  I had to wait in line to ‘top off’ my gas tank for the first time in my life, today!  My husband stood in line for over three hours to get some plywood so that we could board up our windows.  He was lucky!  We’ve never done that in all of my life, and I grew up right on the gulf.  RIGHT on the gulf; we had a pier in our backyard.  Now that I live 30 miles up coast, I find myself boarding up windows? 


The children loaded up the car today with toys and clothes.  I caught Kelsey walking by with an armful of clothes and she was just walking up to the car and throwing them in!  So, we had to clean the car out…  My mom said that when we evacuated for a hurricane when I was a child that she told me to pack only what I couldn’t live without.  When she looked at the car, I had filled up the back seat with all of my plush toys (stuffed animals.) 


Some of my family members in Port Lavaca are going to stay and tough it out.  They stayed through Carla.  Older people are harder to convince to leave!  My cousin drove down from San Antonio to try to talk them into going back with her, even though she already has 15 people at her house!  The city officials in Port Lavaca said, “If you refuse to leave, please write your name and social security number in permanent marker on your body so that you can be easily identified.”   (I think it was PL)


My gal pal tried all day to find a hotel to stay at and everything in Texas was booked!  Their word of advice, “Try Oklahoma.”  


Anyway, I thought I would keep you guys up to date on what we are going through over here….  I’ll have access to my e mail at my mother-in-law’s house, coincidentally named, Rita.  Hee hee


Oh, on our homeschool group’s webpage I put some links to our local news station, newspaper, and a few local web cams, just in case you want to take a peek in where the hurricane is projected to slap down.



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