Monday, December 26, 2005

Cured picky eaters?

My children are so picky.  I don’t know how that happened because I will eat anything, even if most people claim the food is not edible.  For example, I love sardines and canned smoked oysters.  I love raw oysters dripping in horseradish.  I sometimes wish I didn’t, but I do!  I even enjoyed the “bitter herbs” at a Passover Seder I attended once.  Guess the lesson wasn’t the same for me as it was for the other people who attended. 


When my children won’t eat things like my taco soup or my pizza casserole I am deeply wounded and offended.  They are better than anchovies, sardines, horseradish, and bitter herbs?


Recently, there has been a breakthrough.  I noticed that at least the meat portions from their plates have been eaten.  I was so excited!  Did I also mention that we had recently acquired a few extra cats?  I would never make a good detective.


Tonight, as I was commenting on how much food my children had been eating, I looked down and noticed half of a steak finger.  Two cats were licking their lips.  I guess the cats will be healthy. 


I don’t know how children know to only eat as much as their bodies need to survive and not a DROP or MORSAL more!  How do they do that??  I wish my body had that type of gage.  I eat even while FULL!  L


Oh well, thought I would share that. 


Happy Holidays.



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