Friday, March 17, 2006

In Memory of Kitty

Kitty was given to us when Kelsey was just 3 years old. The two watched cartoons together on the couch. Kitty quickly replaced Kelsey’s baby dolls and could often be found strapped in Kelsey’s baby doll stroller. Sometimes you could find him in that stroller rocketing up and down the hallway. He seemed to enjoy these rides! He knew to just jump up in the baby-doll stroller so that he could go for rides. He enjoyed jumping in empty laundry baskets on cue. We could carry him around in boxes or laundry baskets – he was a very brave kitty!

When he would attack our arm we could calm him down by rubbing his nose. We don’t know why this would tame him.

He thought he was one of the children and would follow them if they crossed the street. He always wanted to be where we were. He would sit with the family on the couch if we were all watching tv or a movie. Kitty slept at the feet of our bed waiting for us to fall asleep so that he could sneak up to our pillows and sleep by our heads. Well, after he outgrew the “attack feet under the sheet” stage. Sometimes he would stay out all night, but he was always meowing at the door in the morning.

Kitty got hit by a car two years ago and with some time and $$$ was almost back to normal. After he got hit he was never as playful as he had once been. I attributed much of it to age as he was probably about 5 years old. He did still go up in trees and follow us around, but he never jumped in a laundry basket again.

Because of infections resulting from those many injuries we had to put him down yesterday. We had two extra years with him.

Kelsey and I have cried off and on for days. For days because we had made the decision a week ago but couldn’t follow through with it.

I thought the boys weren’t too concerned, but today while I was talking on the phone to a friend, Christian, (4 years old) told me that he had something to say - so I handed him the phone. He whispered, “Kitty is dead” in a very serious tone. So, I guess though he doesn’t cry with us he still thinks about it. Christian is right here with me while I type this and I told him, “I’m writing about Kitty what do you want to say?” and he said, “Kitty died.”

Little children are so black and white sometimes.

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