Monday, September 18, 2006

I hated math...

…until I had to teach it to my children!


I am learning so much from Kelsey’s basic math course.  (I’ll tell you some cool things in another post)  It amazes me how little I know about math as an adult, after attending public school for 13 years, and then college for what ended up in a bachelor’s degree.  (That’s nothing to be impressed with, let me tell you, if I can get a degree anyone can.)  I was never good at math and I took Algebra twice in high school and twice in college.  I was ahead in math up until I hit Algebra. 


I don’t think that my inability to grasp Algebra was because of a lack of intelligence but rather because of a lack of maturity and interest.  I was one of those goofballs that had to take a Basic Math course in college.  The first time I took Algebra in college I got a D and then I tried again a few years later and I got an A or a B, can’t remember, but it was easy for me in my 20s.  I later took Trigonometry in college one semester because it fit my schedule and I got a B.  Math wasn’t as difficult anymore, but I had chosen a major which did not require much math so I was free.


Teaching my children is teaching me to enjoy and not to fear Math.  I’ve learned that sometimes people aren’t ready for a topic or a concept and if they aren’t ready it’s a waste of their time and life to force or demand proficiency in that subject.  This is easy to see with reading and children but I can now see it with children and teenagers when it comes to math.  


Just a thought on how I was terrible at math and always hated it until I was older.





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