Friday, January 26, 2007

Field Trip to HEB

We went on a field trip the other day to H.E.B. Plus. It’s our latest and greatest supermarket. You may wonder, “A field trip to your grocery store??” But, it was really nice! When we arrived the lady gave each child a crown, a buddy buck, and a balloon. Then we all got free cocoa. It was a very cold and rainy day – flood warnings even – so the hot cocoa really hit the spot. My son was the first to spill his all over the floor. We then toured the produce area and learned to use the scale to weigh our produce. We then learned about where some of the snow crabs, fish, and other seafood came from. The children got to see a live lobster up close and listen to some facts about them. They got to go inside the store’s main cooler and the milk cooler and then each got a group picture over in the photo area. Then the group ate lunch at chic fil a so that the little ones could go crazy in the play area.

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