Friday, April 15, 2011

Yard Hunting

We are getting ready to go house hunting. We have been in this house for almost two years. It's not that we are unhappy with our home or this neighborhood, in fact, I doubt that I will ever find a house I like as much as I like this house. I picked this house for me, big kitchen and a heaven of a back porch.

Did I mention that my heaven of a back porch was pretty much our back yard? My lovely home is basically an over sized patio home. Perfect for my favorite activity: lounging around reading books, but not conducive to my family's active life-style.

As soon as we moved, our needs changed. First of all, my daughter developed an interest in basketball. She went from being anti-sports to a sportaholic almost overnight. This house has a sloped drive-way which left us no choice but to set up her basketball goal on the curb, which means that she plays basketball in the street every day. That's fine, because this street has hardly any traffic, but I would rather have a flat driveway for her 24/7 hoop shootin'.

Also, my youngest put on some weight around his mid-section and has become an avid gamer. This alarms me because I've never seen any of my children this sedentary.

Active families should be on the other side of John Stockbauer OR they should have an over-sized backyard.


Mike said...

Happy hunting, it seems like you're a country girl that can't quite get adapted to living in the suburbs...:-)

Edith Ann said...

You could come back to Tanglewood! There is a house on Linwood--long, long driveway.

[I'd rather be beaten with a brick stick than to move!]

Sugar Magnolia said...

Good luck in your house-hunting venture, Rebecca. It may take some looking, but surely there is a home (and yard and driveway) out there that is perfect for you and your family.

Rebecca said...

The two houses we looked at had no trees. D=