Sunday, June 12, 2011

Another boring post.

Yesterday, the whole family worked on the landscaping around this house. We are thinking that we might just stay here, but we are going to fix this house up the way we like it and not wait until we are putting it on the market. That was the mistake we made with the Tanglewood house. When we put the Tanglewood house up for sale, we finally did all the updates and improvements that we had put off for the ten plus years we had lived there. The things we wouldn't do for ourselves. We tiled the floors, replaced the gold double ovens with stainless steel double ovens, changed out all the kitchen appliances, replaced the gold kitchen counter-tops with tile, and even put texture and fresh paint over the walls that still had paneling. Wait, there's more! We replaced the shop doors, re-textured the entryway, replaced light fixtures, and even - REPAINTED THE OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE! Let's just say that I didn't want to leave after that.

The one thing we DID do for ourselves while we were there was gut and update the master bath. It had the fanciest 12 x 12 tiled shower in town! Unfortunately, it had the fanciest tiled LEAKY shower, and we fixed that before we left too. We also let the kids pick out the paint color for their rooms and we had to paint over that. I don't know who would want a house with crazy room colors. One bedroom had two walls painted red and two walls painted blue and another bedroom had two walls painted purple and two walls painted green. That's what you get when kids pick the color: indecision. My room was painted orange - UT orange - and we painted over that, too. I miss my orange room! When my reading lamp was on I felt I was surrounded by soft candlelight.

While hubby and I were doing yard work, we found a doggie septic system in our back yard. Yeah. I didn't know that such a thing existed.


Edith Ann said...

Okay, a doggie septic system. Without getting too graphic, can you please provide an explanation of that?

UT Burnt Orange room--nice! My favorite shirt is that color. I wear it everytime I go to Austin.

Well, have you finally learned to do the nice things for yourself? I hope so!

Rebecca said...

It's an in-ground tank covered by a piece of plastic that says, "Step here" and when you step on it, it pops up and you place the poop in the hole. There are chemicals that you add to break it all down... I looked the company up on the internet.

(Can't remember the name of the company right now.)

Edith Ann said...

I've heard of everything now! Thanks for the lesson.

Mike said...


I can relate, I remember looking back at my first home after all the improvements and saying " It's almost paid for and with just a few thousand dollars more"

When my mother passed away I had the responsibility of getting rid of all the junk and cleaning up the place. We spruced it up until a " We buy homes as is" showed up with an offer. How did he know we had intentions of selling? Anyway, when I learned the other heirs were gonna stick me with most of the work of renting the home; I made that idea too expensive for them to consider.... We finally sold the home to that contractor at a reduced price on the condition that he would let me look at it when he finished.... I'm glad the other heirs didn't see the finished product because they probably would be suing me for more money. It's amazing how people that know what they're doing can do with a home.