Thursday, February 02, 2012

"The Tebow Bill" and Local Homeschool Sports

Tim Tebow, quarterback for the Denver Broncos, was homeschooled while he was the star of his local public school football team. In Florida, where he played high school football, home-educated students are allowed to participate in public school activities. Some states even allow home-educated students to pick and choose courses from their local public schools.

Though homeschooling is legal in all fifty states, only a dozen states allow homeschooled students to participate in public school activities. There is a bill named after Tim Tebow which would allow home-educated students in Virginia to participate in public school sports. Read more about “The Tebow Bill.”

In Texas, there are no laws addressing equal access. It would be the choice of an individual district whether or not a home-educated child would be allowed to participate.

The local homeschool community has a competitive homeschool sports program. The Victoria Cobras compete against local public and private schools for practice. Though they have a fledgling football program, the Victoria Cobra Athletics recently hosted The 13th Annual VCA Homeschool Basketball Tournament. Several homeschool teams from around the state came to Victoria, Texas, to compete over several days. Watch the news report:

There are also tournaments at the state and national levels for homeschool teams. The Victoria Cobras will travel to Frisco, Texas, for the Texas HomeSchool State Basketball Championships on February 24-26th, and then to Springfield, Missouri, for the 21st Annual National Christian HomeSchool Basketball Championships on March 19-24th.

I’ll try to post updates from Dallas and Missouri. ;)

Some homeschool families feel that since they pay the same amount of taxes, they should have the same amount of access to public schools. Other homeschoolers disagree, and wouldn't want to risk giving up their educational freedom.

What do you think about home-educated students participating in public school activities?

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