Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Darts for Math! Making Math FUN!

Matthan just reminded me that for many throws you are required to multiply your hit by 2 or three and the whole game you are adding your totals. A family game of darts could be educational for all age levels. An older child could keep score for the younger child who is focusing on recognizingthe numerals.

I know that when we play darts with Rodney he is able to keep a running total of everyone's score in his head. He played darts competitively and I bet that helped his brain store those numbers that way! He got used to doing math in his head and keeping a total for multiple sets of numbers. Mental math! So a game of darts will work on more than just multiplying andadding - there is something else going on!

And you are doing a family activity and teaching (modeling) taking turns....

Hey! When you guys catch yourself or your children learning on accident share your ideas!

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