Thursday, January 12, 2006

we use our dining room table for school

Everyone pretty much does their school work at the dining room table in our house.  We have a dry erase board, books, maps, and a computer in our dining room.  Oh, and a fish tank.


Yesterday we caught Christian drawing on the dining room table with markers!  At first I got mad and said, “Christian, what are you doing??”  We use these markers for our dry-erase board – not the table! 


“It’s ok, it comes off,”  he assured me.  He erased the green scribble with his fingers and sure enough it came off!  I never thought of using our dining room table as a big dry-erase board!  It’s glass, after all. 


I told a friend about how the kids were drawing on our glass dining room table with dry-erase markers.  She told me that she knew of someone who would slide a workbook behind a plexi-glass book holder and let her child fill in the answers using crayons or dry erase markers!  The worksheets could be filled out without any marks ever being made in the book!  I thought that if we taped a picture under the glass table that the image could be traced – an image from a coloring book.


So today as Matthan works out Algebra problems with a black dry erase marker on the dining room table, Christian draws pictures and makes us guess what they are.  Kelsey is making up some math problems and solving them on her own.  When Matthan needs help with Algebra I can grab a dry erase marker and work out a problem right there on the dining room table with him! 


So we use our dining room table for school…..


Isn’t that fun?  I never thought of using the dining room table this way!  I guess we could do math on windows too!  Just so the marker doesn’t slip and hit the wall!



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