Monday, May 02, 2011

Monday Monday

Today, I opened all of the windows to bring the outside in. I thought that since the windows were open, it was a good time to clean around the frames. No telling how many insect carcasses now reside in the bottom of the vacuum cleaner bag.

I love it when all of the windows are open because I can hear the birds and the wind chimes. It’s windy enough that I can also hear the trees. The only problem is my nineteen year old playing Call of Duty Black Ops. I mostly hear machine-gun fire and the occasional dove.

I should be making the kids finish up school, but my spring cleaning was contagious. My daughter removed the screen of her bedroom window and is cleaning the glass with Windex. My nine year old built a car for his hamster out of a paper-towel tube and Tinker Toys. His hamster loves to go inside of the tube just as much and as quickly as she likes to exit. He is upset that she won’t poke her head out and stand still so that it looks like she is driving the little makeshift car. He even sang, "Doo da dippity."

Osama. After the news of his death, one of my Facebook friends posted, “is wondering what sort of childhood Osama bin Laden must have had to turn into the man he was.”

That's food for thought.


Edith Ann said...

Today was a great day to open up the house! It would have been a good day to open the office up, but we have no windows that open...

Sugar Magnolia said...

Well, dang, I guess I missed most of the day today. The lab is in the middle of the hospital and has no windows, of course. And working before the sun comes up then having another meeting in a room where there are no windows in another building till the sun nearly goes down doesn't help. In the brief drive I took between obligations, I saw cloudy skies and NO indication of rain.

I think decades of working nights and in only two labs with windows (the great majority of labs have NO windows - why is that?)have taken their toll on me. I don't think I'll ever get my hours straight.

When do y'all reckon we'll ever get some rain, by the way?

Sugar Magnolia said...

Uh....make that "I missed most of the day YESTERDAY".

See what I mean? I wish I could go back to bed already....