Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Tuesday (Homeschool Drama Party)

Today was the end of the year homeschool drama party at the park. Tots to teens played basketball, volleyball, tennis, or soccer for several hours. Lots of playing.

My nine year old played so hard, that one of his tennis shoes ripped almost in two. When he showed us his broken shoe and told us that he needed a new pair, I said, “ I’ve seen several homeschooled kids running around with duct tape on their shoes. It’s almost a fad.” My daughter agreed and began to name a few of the homeschooled high schoolers who were guilty of sporting the fashion.

As soon as we got home, my son found some duct-tape and was about to tape up his shoes when I reminded him that we had leopard print duct-tape somewhere. He couldn’t find it so I had to add it to my grocery list.

One of the homeschool moms had brought eggs from her farm to the park and I was lucky enough to scratch off one of the items on my grocery list.

Off to the store for fancy duct tape and the rest of my groceries (minus the eggs) and then to soccer practice...

*I ended up buying the camouflage duct tape.

Kelsey in "Mission Possible"


Edith Ann said...

Okay, just what store carries print duct tape?

Now, that's something I would buy for sure!

Rebecca said...

H.E.B. Plus, and they carry many different colors (maybe to match your car when the bumper gets knocked off) and prints from leopard, zebra, tie-dye, camo, flames, ... and that's all I can remember.

You can't live in a house with a tiny backyard and not have duct tape handy. I've used it on two windows so far. My daughter has decorated her room with the zebra print duct tape. Sounds horrid, but I'll have to show you a pic...